Unpopular teachings or having your cake and eating it

Have you noticed that Theistic religions often end up in fragmentation? A few hundred years on from their starting point there are lots of groups and schools of thought all claiming to worship the same god. When you point out to someone that their god is the same someone else’s with whom they disagree, they […]

Don’t stop

Don’t let them take it from you; the mystics and gurus, the rationalists and reductionists. Don’t let them steal your eyes away from the direction of truth. Let them have their theories and their letters and robes and fetters, you don’t need them. You never did. You can do this. Just you. Because it always […]

“Who are you?”

You might recognise the title as the question posed to Alice by the enigmatic caterpillar upon their first meeting. It raises the question of identity and identification, and here the shallow waters we step into can soon lead us into the depths. Like all questions the question of identification may lead us in many directions. […]