The problem of willpower

One of the first things the Buddha is reported to have said was about finding the middle way. There are few occasions when operating at the extremes will serve us well. Similarly when it comes to our practice it’s helpful to approach it with an attitude of moderation and retain our balance. That being said […]

Common myths about awakening

Trying to follow a spiritual path can be confusing. Even though we realise there’s one Truth that’s being pointed to, it’s sometimes hard to reconcile the advice, views and pointers offered by different teachers. The English language isn’t well equipped to handle some of the nondual teachings on offer and so we have no common agreed terminology to help […]


I’d heard it said that this human experience is a sensitive one. I’d heard it but until recently I hadn’t fully appreciated or understood it. It was a sentiment I could agree with but it hadn’t been realised. I believed it because I believe the teacher but I hadn’t taken time to really look at […]