The problem of willpower

One of the first things the Buddha is reported to have said was about finding the middle way. There are few occasions when operating at the extremes will serve us well. Similarly when it comes to our practice it’s helpful to approach it with an attitude of moderation and retain our balance. That being said […]

Unpopular teachings or having your cake and eating it

Have you noticed that Theistic religions often end up in fragmentation? A few hundred years on from their starting point there are lots of groups and schools of thought all claiming to worship the same god. When you point out to someone that their god is the same someone else’s with whom they disagree, they […]

Can’t someone please just tell me the Truth?

The spiritual path, so called, can be a challenging one at times and full of many convolutions and contradictions. We can find ourselves in frustration asking, “Why can’t someone just tell me the truth? I’m smart enought to understand, so why can’t they just say it in plain (insert language of choice)?” Let’s call this, […]