Guiding & mentoring

It’s been said that awakening is the end of seeking, but in truth, the end of seeking has to come first before awakening can happen. It’s not until we set aside the desire to find something, become something or escape from ‘this’, and instead simply start looking with clarity at the nature of ‘this’, that we begin to awaken.

So it isn’t about fixing life or finding a way to be continually blissful, those are person-centred goals. When we realise that isn’t how it works, we begin to orientate ourselves in the right direction. And once we do that we’ve really begun our journey towards awakening.

That journey, like all journeys has its highs and lows, it can be challenging and frustrating at times. If you feel that having a conversation and perhaps getting a few pointers might help then feel free to get in touch. I don’t teach for the simple reason that there is nothing to teach, you can’t teach the present moment. But it might help to get a different perspective when stuff comes up and you feel a bit stuck.

Because I don’t charge and this is purely a voluntary contribution, guiding fits in with any other commitments I have on at any one time. For that reason I can be a bit slow to answer emails and messages sometimes, so prepare to be patient.