Stray cats

Thoughts are like stray cats that walk across the garden. We don’t have to feed them or chase them away. Is it really our garden? Or is it just a garden? If we learn to treat it with respect without ownership then we can openly share this space with whatever is present. Because we’re really […]

Hang ups with with awareness and separation

Did you ever look at a bird sitting in a tree or another person and wondered at the separation between you? Well don’t. What you’re seeing is just eye consciousness. It’s the nature of it to separate. The only non-separation experienced is through the formless, the real. Realise this and the rest won’t matter. So […]

Borrowing Santa to see no self (spoilers)

Those engaged with trying to realise or see the illusion of self are often no strangers to frustration. So many apparent contradictions arise. This ‘path’ is full of them. We can easily and quickly lose sight that the truth is simple – so simple; just what is here, in this moment right now. But how […]