What is a wave?

What is a wave? We see them, so many of them, rolling across the sea, arising and falling, breaking on the shore. We give it a name, create it as a separate thing in thought, but we see a wave is not separate is it? It never leaves the sea. When the wave arose the sea lost nothing, when it subsides the sea gains nothing – it was and is always all one.

And yet the waves moves, changing constantly. But the water doesn’t move with the wave. I remember my surprise at the science lesson where the teacher explained and proved that the water only moves up and down even as the wave moves through, travels along.

We hear that in each of our bodies, no particle has been part of this form for more than a few years. What is it that is forty five years old I wonder? These particles may have formed in the heart of a star or the cold vastness of space, to be combined and recombined into countless forms throughout all the ages, and will presumably continue to do so.  This form arises and does not carry its particles with it throughout the decades, they come in, they go out. The wave moves on.

It has a label, this form. It is labelled as a separate thing; unique. But when we see, we see that as with waves, there is a unity, a oneness that is always present which precedes any apparent separation, rendering it secondary, perhaps even insignificant.

And when this form ceases its motion, the particles that form it will drift apart, in time perhaps to combine into other forms. Nothing left to label. The sea of life moves on, never gaining, never losing, always one.

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