On Awareness

The realisation of no-self leads inexorably to the realisation of no selves. Empty boats, as Chuang Tzu called them. So all around we see patterns of behaviour, forms through which these arise, no selves. All is arising supported by its causes.

There is no purpose in this, no higher Self directing it. To search for this is to remain trapped in the pattern of the illusory ‘I’. For who is this seeker, who is the asker?

Instead we realise just this moment, this arising. There is only this, here, now arising as it is. There has only ever been this moment, this now.  Time is simply a thought isn’t it? There is no objective past or future beyond what thought creates and yet how much of our lives do we spend in thought in these imagined places?

Is there a present? This question really asks, what is the nature of awareness? For how can there be the moment without awareness of it? And what is awareness without the moment in which it arises? Two sides of the same coin? Perhaps.

Awareness creates. Look closely and see this. Awareness creates.

It is not the source of all. That which is unnamed, that about which nothing can be said other than it is, is not awareness. Nor can awareness be said to directly emanate from this, for that would be to apply it with an attribute. And yet, that IT IS, all is. But what words can describe this or the apparent paradox of knowing this?

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