As presence

A lot of this is about identification. It seems to start with belief; unconscious belief. Unexamined belief that arises automatically so that when a thought or feeling arises, rather than seeing it, we are it. We’re born as it a thousand time a day.

When thoughts and feelings aren’t believed, when they’re seen; experienced as just what they are, nothing more, nothing less, then there is still that space; the unacting, unaffected presence; aliveness; as they arise and then fade. There is no reaction to their arising or fading, they’re seen as everything is seen – awakened presence that isn’t anything at all.


It’s so accessible, this presence that no one could ever believe the utter simplicity and naturalness of it. People miss it because they’re filling this moment trying to find meaning in it or looking for something within it or some way out of it. But it’s just more thoughts to believe; to carry us off; becoming; being something; other somethings.

When we can just see it; see we’re nothing as part of it. Presence, not it. Part of the landscape. No identification, just awareness arising here in this space, one with all other spaces; another leaf in the forest, another grain of sand on the beach. A wave that’s temporarily forgotten there’s just sea.

Be nothing at all. Just this presence of awareness. Whether everything else is in thought or arises in some other way doesn’t need to be known. Don’t engage, don’t move to belief, to identification or you’ll be born. Right then, you’re born.

As presence, just as presence. Noticing, alive, watching the movement of becoming like being up to your waist in the sea, don’t get pulled by the waves, let them flow, feel them, see them, stay as presence; feet in the sand; as nothing at all; it’s all just water. Just this.

2 thoughts on “As presence

    • Well, nothing here is about certainty, it’s about looking and sharing, if that doesn’t sound too primary school. I’ve met some lovely awakened people over the last few years and we’re all different but there’s never a sense of authority; that anyone ‘knows’. I don’t think there’s a place for arrogance or authority, I mean how would that sit with no-self anyway? So thanks, I’m glad it doesn’t sound preachy or teachy because if it did that would need editing!

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