Finding peace

As we walk into a room and look around what do we see? The walls, the surfaces, the objects, the decor, all of it. All, that is, apart from the space. And yet most of it is space. If you plotted the contents of the room on a pie chart by volume, perhaps 90% of it would be space. But we never see it. Our attention is drawn instead to the objects.

In our mind we notice the moods, feelings, thoughts; the constant stream of conscious babble. But what is there between thought? There is stillness; peace. But our attention is drawn to the mind’s objects, we don’t notice the stillness.


The stillness is always present, we never lost it. Like the space in the room, we simply never notice it. How do we find it? By paying more attention to it and less to the objects. Notice the space, the stillness, the peace. Give these value in attention and the objects seem less important.

Our thoughts will arise and pass away but the stillness of mind remains untouched.

A room is just a demarcation of space. Space that never ends. Mind is just a demarcation for awareness that never ends. Find the space, the stillness and we find the eternal, that which is the source of all. The unconditioned essence of all.

How can you find what you never lost? We just need to see the space, and pull attention back from the noise and activity. We may complain about our noisy, busy lives, but when do we ever give attention to the space and peace which is always present?

How can you find what you never lost? By not seeking it. Only in the silence of stillness can peace be found. There couldn’t possibly be more of it, it’s all around, in and under everything. Between all, surrounding all, even penetrating all, and right at the very essence of all.

How can you find what you never lost?

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