This isn’t it

From all the conversations I’ve had over the years about awakening this is the most common assumption: that this cannot possibly be it. Clients on the LU forum (myself included) come with a tick list usually acquired from reading all the things it should and shouldn’t be. The requirements are refined down on a pick and mix basis to all the items that resonate the most, and if they aren’t here then this isn’t it.

Some create a list from listening to various different teachers and latching onto words such as ‘bliss’, and who can blame them. Who wouldn’t want to live in bliss twenty four seven? Some think this is ordinary and not special, and this should be special or different in some way, shape or form, mostly due to suffering because they just don’t want to be ‘here’. It’s just too painful. Suffering may still be happening and the belief that suffering doesn’t happen here means this isn’t it.

Essentially it’s a case of ‘this’ being ‘wrong’ in some way.

How does one leave here? Exactly where can you go? Are we meaning a physical shift from here to there, or a spiritual one? When I first read Jed McKenna he asked what is wrong with right now. I thought he meant what would I rather be doing, or where would I rather be, so I listed all the things I wanted and all the things wrong in my current situation. It took a while to switch my way of looking to see that he meant what is finding something wrong? Where exactly is wrongness experienced?


So, where exactly is wrongness experienced? Is it what is actually happening or our thoughts about it? Have a look. What is noticed? Is the mind ever satisfied or does it constantly want more? Does it compare and find ‘this’ wanting? Does it say that over there is better than here?

‘It’s so exciting over there. If you just did this then all would be better. The grass is greener in that field over there. Over there is no suffering, so if I could just get there then everything will be ok.’

But is it? Is the mind ever satisfied? What is over there? Where is it and can it actually be reached?

Over there is here. Right now. With this. Just as it is.

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