How does it look?

This form is not fully well, almost certainly a virus; a cold. Tiredness in the body. A heaviness in the limbs, slowing movement, labouring breathing. But in this gentle walk through the countryside, so much beauty around.

So is there suffering? No. Looking within. Is there resistance? No, just the open flow. Like a breeze blowing through muslin. The constant movement of energy unresisted. It is this way. In this moment it is seen.

Dropping the labels and being present as awareness of experiences arising, making nothing from them and nothing in thought from the awareness of presence, just experience happening. Not created just simple being or beingness.

A conversation starts and there is being in the interactive mode of human experience. Now there is apparent self and other, or could be if these were created in thought and believed in. Awareness on the fringe between simple seeingness and the duality of awareness in thought and perceptions through the physical senses.

Then silence, and an openness again. Walking on. What is this experience? Now through the wide open veil of awareness arising through this form an apparently complete set of sensations not of this form, happening, filling awareness. A peace that cannot be spoken or expressed. No self to be separate. Labels all redundant. What is this joy that arises? Sourceless, not attached to, moving, moving on, fading in experience. Peace. Letting be.


This form is not well. But there is no resistance. No expectation that it shouldn’t be this way (just a thought), should be another way (just a thought). No expectations about what it should be able to do, how it ought to feel. Awareness arising in just this, this moment, uninterested in thought. The simple, filling pleasure of air entering the body, the sight of insects lit by the evening sun in their perfect dance. The colour of the earth, the sound of the river. Just this. Endings (thought), beginnings (thought). Simple beingness.

Noting this form is of this, this place. Part of this arising. Not belonging to any but this, this world of arisings.

But this peace, this peace of simple being. Beyond any riches, anything this manifest experience could offer. The freedom beyond being to beingness.

If all is let go, all is seen as it is, nothing is made of this (experience), no belief or attachment to thought, no judgement arising or any becoming in the moment, no position taken, no birth, then….

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