Planting seeds

I don’t know if there’s ever been a better time to be easily bored. Go back thirty years and where were we? No internet, no satellite TV, rudimentary PC’s (I still loved my Sinclair Spectrum!), so if you didn’t like what was on the four terrestrial channels (UK) or didn’t have a good book to read you really had to make your own fun. We played board games, did art, played music or talked for hours on the telephone. If we didn’t fancy any of that, well, I guess we were just bored.

Does anyone feel bored nowadays? Is that possible? There just seems to be so much going on. Endless content on social media – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; hundreds of TV channels (and you thought you’d missed that episode from 1988!), not to mention movies or games on your tablet, phone, laptop – there’s just so much!

So I’m not sure we ever need to feel bored, but I also wonder whether we ever feel heard? They say social media channels act like an echo chamber, feeding back to us selected content based on what they think we want, narrowing our field of view. It’s no surprise that my feed has lots of non-duality popping up. Some days to me it looks like that’s all that’s happening in the world, but of course it isn’t, is it?

It made me wonder, in a culture where there is no tradition of awakening or realising truth, where religion has been belief-based rather than inquiry-based, where we’re swamped with entertainment media against a backdrop of consumerism, who are we talking to? Who am I talking to?

Supposing you’re one of the small percentage of people who aren’t distracted by media entertainment; you haven’t filled every moment of every day with ‘busy-ness’, you’ve got an appetite to inquire and wonder about the big questions: why we’re here, what it’s all for, why we have to suffer; even then the chances of you finding a helpful path or guide don’t seem to be in your favour. Even if you’ve got that far how are you supposed to tell a fake guru from the genuine article? How do you avoid being drawn into some cult, sect or charismatic group that promise the secrets of the universe – as long as you can pay (‘cos it’s only fair, right?). When you filter it all down, who’s left?

Of course, there’s more to it than that. The way things appear and the way they are, are two different things. There is such a thing as grace, as intuition, as being led by your heart or maybe by some deeper insight. It might be that only a very few ever find out there is such a thing as awakening, and even fewer understand that it’s a possibility within this lifetime, but this isn’t a numbers game. One awakening, one shift, one non-dual awareness can create more than a ripple, it can create a rip-tide. It can pull the feet out from anyone who comes in contact with it, immersing them in life, pointing them towards truth, forcing them to swim in deeper waters than they ever thought they could.

So maybe that’s you. You may never be remembered or known for it, but just by being awake you’ll create the possibility of change in every life you touch. Holding a light for others to see by; planting a seed that may one day grow and blossom, and just by holding up a mirror and reflecting This, the light continues to grow.

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