We have this tendency to see ‘things’; to make ‘things’ out of that which simply arises in awareness. Even with something abstract like love, we ask, ‘What is love?’ and consider the question as though we’re talking about a thing.

It’s really an experience isn’t it? But what does it mean? Can we even ask what it means?

From the point of view of no-self, love is the direct experience of all being one. This oneness is love. But it can be experienced only in motion, in other words there has to be a flow expressing oneness for the experience of love to arise. This flow might come from seeing oneness, from giving, from sharing, from sacrificing or giving forth, but with it, through the heart love flows.

The thing to note is that love flows in and out through the same channel. This direct experience of oneness, this feeling of love can’t arise if nothing flows in or out. And nothing can flow in unless the channel is opened by something flowing out.

So simple acts of generosity, of kindness, sharing, caring all open this channel through which oneness is experienced. And once opened love can flow in. So the Buddha said, ‘If you knew what I know about generosity, you wouldn’t put a single piece of food in your mouth without offering to share it.’

So for those seeking love, give love, give it openly. Let this channel to experiencing oneness open out or unfold, and all the love in the world will flow in.

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