Sarah Seven

As an artist I always knew that I did not exist when making, but it never dawned on me that this was a seeing. I started seeking many years ago upon reading my first spiritual book. Each new book led me onto the next key until I found Liberation Unleashed 6 years ago. That finding ended my seeking and started the looking.

Whilst I was being guided through LU I saw there was no separate self. It was not a POW moment, rather a quiet, ‘oh’ moment. My own looking had been like peeling an onion and it continued after seeing. In fact I continued reading and with each book another layer dropped away. I guided others for 6 years, partly to embed what I had seen by seeing again and again with each client.

As a guide there my task was to point and to get clients to look, and with that looking, see the simplicity of what is. My Art is my guide. What is to be seen and understood is there in the making. A quiet vast spaciousness that flows. The body moves and ‘I’ stay cheerfully out of the way. My Art sums up my experience but occasionally I put pen to paper to attempt it in words!