Andrew White

Some years ago I had an experience that changed me – in fact it might be more true to say it stopped me. Without really deciding to, I’d given up on ‘seeking’ and started looking. There was no teacher, no guru, no system, just trying to see clearly all of the aspects of this human experience. Then, out of the blue, one day there was a sort of shift or ‘pop’ for want of a better word. In one moment it was seen, blindingly clearly, that this personal self I’d always been, my sense of me, was nothing more than a mode of consciousness; a collection of parts that had mistakenly been assumed to be a whole.

Over the next several months life was experienced as emptiness; a spacious flow without centre. Over time the experience evolved and changed; emptiness became fullness and with fullness came love. There is simply life, experiencing this flowing changing moment and all that experience encompasses.

Putting words around this or attempting to frame it in language at times seems quite impossible, but this blog is an attempt to do that, to share how things are seen now, and to look at things that come up as part of this human experience. As a second point I hope it will act as a diary of how this journey went along after awakening.